Dragon Hills Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide

Damsel in distress no more! In Dragon Hills, you participate in as a furious princess that has had control over the own destiny of her! Play since the princess as she rides her companion dragon into freedom. Watch out though, the castle guards are not developing any serotonin and can attempt to do anything whatsoever to prevent you until they recognize your dragon is heading directly for them! We will assist the escape of yours with our Dragon Hills cheats, tricks strategy guide and tips!

1. Go for the best jumps!

You find out how those coins are presented in an extremely defined arcing pattern? You have to time the jump of yours just right therefore your arc is actually perfect and the coins are gotten by you. If you obtain the coins in a route in one jump, you will get a "perfect jump" extra and you will get an extra five coins for the efforts of yours! It does not seem like very much but in case you are able to buy the jumps done and nail it with each coin course, you will be earning the dough really quickly!

2. Destroy everything!

Find out all of those trees? Those homes? Many of the chairs?! Eliminate all of them! In case you destroy a particular amount of items within a few seconds, you will receive a destruction bonus. There'll in addition be sweet, sweet coins hiding inside several of the items you destroy. Better still, often a chest is going to fly from the item and tumble before you. These chests are going to explode opened leading to a circle of coins to spawn. Attempt to grab all of them!

3. Upgrade the armor of yours!

Although you really would like to commit several points into the armor of yours before other things, attacking the opponents with the beefier health bars will be great. In the experience of ours, we had been getting hit by items that we can hardly see, less respond to in time. You are likely to be nicked by other weaponry, spikes, and arrows, and because you just start with an individual heart, you are likely to go down quickly! It is better to purchase no less than 2 armor upgrades quickly, as each single will grant you an extra heart.

4. Look out because of the lava!

Red pools of ooey gooey lava is littered about the hills, and also it is the duty of yours to stay away from them at all costs! Lava pools will immediately kill you, regardless of how many hearts you've left so it is of the utmost importance to stay away from them! Fortunately, they generally only are available in small little pools, which means you are able to easily pass by them underground or even by soaring throughout the air.

5. Grab those power ups!

After you have upgraded the armor of yours a bit, consider purchasing the power ups! Purchasing the very first degree of update for the electrical power ups unlocks the power in place and provides it with an opportunity to spawn when you are playing. In the experience of ours, the spawn rates for these power ups are quite large so you would like to uncover every one of them quickly. The very first you are able to unlock, the Freeze Blast, temporarily freezes most opponents on nearby. Additionally, it freezes over lava pools, rendering them safe to cross!

Reasons to apply our Dragon Hills two Android and iOS Hack

Before we get to each of the reasons why you may appreciate our Dragon Hills two hack let us first go over a bit about the game itself. In this enjoyable little mobile game the character of yours is able to manage a huge ass mecha dragon and she uses it to drill the way of her from zombie apocalypse. And we at our site enjoyed it.

With its' easy control buttons plus tough levels this particular game had us at the very first dive. We found it being precisely what a mobile game must be. Simple to pick up, tough let addictive & go. Formula for an honest game, in case we may bring. And addition of zombies did not harm! But what it really was best at, was it felt complex without it being over the top demanding. Casual gamer in us rejoiced!

That's what drew us to this particular game the best. Nevertheless, after time you do go to recognize, in the core of its, it's still a game, along with designers are a greedy bunch. Thus, they created positive to be able to overcome the game but still have your phone intact you will need to spend a number of great cash. That's why, we at the website of ours, determined to aid you with that and also made the Dragon Hills two hack.

Today, you are able to play this particular game the way it is supposed to be played. And all that with no spending any money or even going through painful and long survey. And so, we need to find out anything you are able to do after you hack Dragon Hills two!

What you get after using our Dragon Hills two Hack

These days you've decided to hack Dragon Hills two we are able to discuss all you are able to get after using our Dragon Hills two hack tool. Naturally, everything you are going to get after hacking Dragon Hills two are Coins. But with them your choices are open and on family table. Thus, without much further ado, we need to get directly into all you are able to do with our Dragon Hills two cheat!


For a game this way upgrades are very necessary. Plus you can find 2 primary types in the game. Those that upgrade the dragon of yours and people who enable you to. And it's essential to spend the coins of yours on both. For starters, we need to discuss dragon upgrades. The dragon of yours is able to drill better just in case you spend money on him. There are 3 groups you must worry about:

Vitality: controls just how long the dragon of yours is able to endure in the zombie infested world

Drilling Skills: with this improvement you are able to assist your dragon dig quicker, much better and go much higher!

peed Boost: allows your dragon go faster. Also will help with jumping.

Various other kind of upgrades you are going to be ready to work with after using our cheat are weapons and power-ups. You are able to also purchase yourself additional lives to keep you drill. But we need to concentrate a little on weapons. There are seven weapons in total:

Cheap Pop Gun, Spacegun Plus, Bouncing Bullets, Rata Tata, Green Bee, Missile Launcher and Missile Launcher Extreme

Nevertheless, to be able to utilize them all there are 2 things you have to have: Coins and level. And we're here to offer Coins. Therefore all that's left is drilling the way of yours to higher levels and gather them all! And with all of the advances after using our Dragon Hills two hack tool it will not be difficult in any way!


This's the most effective part! Not merely are able to the dragon of yours is upgraded by you though you are able to purchase some exciting and new dragons to allow you to survive zombie infested levels! And you are able to buy these three poor boys to assist you with your quest:

Predator of the Skies: has four engines and accelerates to super high velocities

Panther Roar: obtain this particular cat like dragon and determine exactly how good and nimble a dragon - cat hybrid can be

Mechzilla: this one does not need description. It is a Godzilla. But a physical body. Feel its rage.


What's game with no levels? And games this way are filled with fun and tough levels. So how you can alter it up? With maps, of course. You will find 3 worlds featured in Dragon Hills:

Zombienatti: default world.

Wild West: after doing each Zombienatti amounts it's time that you can go through Wild West inspired drill and world the way of yours to victory.

Planet Z: not to mention, after ensuring no zombie made it in Wild West it's time to show them exactly how much you like drilling. And also the most effective way to do it? Drill the home planet of theirs, of course!

Every world is going to cost you extra 5000 Coins so you'll want to make use of our Dragon Hills two - no survey to ensure you've a number of Coins prepared!